Kuwentong-Buhay Bilang Kwentong Bayan

A webcast by Kristian Sendon Cordero

(Translation of the talk’s title: Life Story as Folk Tale)

In this second installment of workshops for Overseas Filipino Workers held on December 12 (Manila time), hosted by the “OFWs amid COVID-19” team, award-winning artist Kristian Sendon Cordero lectures on how to draw creative inspiration from everyday life and the personal experience. Cordero learned to write creatively as a child, when he anticipated letters and also corresponded via snail mail with parents working afar. Cordero’s father worked as a security guard at an international cruise ship while his mother was a domestic worker in Dubai. Cordero is today the Philippines’ most respected movers in the art scene, working in multiple media including poetry, translation, film, et cetera, and has received numerous awards and fellowships in the Philippines and abroad. The workshop ends with a prompt for OFWs on how to piece short stories out of very simple objects within our sight. Please share this recording widely and we hope you enjoy the prompt!