In this first workshop of the series, Filipino Canadian artist Patrick Cruz talks about how painting, in the non-traditional sense, records and comments on everyday life. “Painting-painting,” for Cruz, is not an actual or formal practice; it is playful, witty, and potentially enjoyable and stress-relieving, even if the subject or theme of the work might be heavy. How can concepts about painting be useful in reflecting on our current condition and in healing? 

Kwentong-Buhay Bilang Kwentong Bayan

In this workshop, award-winning Bicolano artist Kristian Sendon Cordero dives into possible sources of inspiration, offering to participants some of the ways that creativity could be nurtured. A filmmaker, artist, poet, bookstore and gallery owner, among others, Cordero introduces in this workshop how stories can be made, but also rewritten. As a son of overseas Filipino workers, he recognizes that writing letters to his parents who were away when he was young, is among the origins of his creative practice. 


Filipino Canadian poet, educator, arts administrator, and dancer, Karla Lenina Comanda, is the invited artist in the third workshop for the “OFWs amid COVID-19” project. Through a lecture about poetry, prompts, and tools, Comanda lectures on the creative writing process and guides participants in drawing inspiration from the mundane to poetically write about their experience as OFWs amid the pandemic.

Photography (TBA)